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Reclaim, Reuse, Repeat since 1991

Salvo’s story began as a reaction to the UK demolitions of the 60s and 70s when masses of reclaimable building materials including around 24 million tonnes of unique timbers were destroyed. This needless waste inspired the creation of pioneering businesses dedicated to rescuing materials, and the reclamation scene was born.


One of those early businesses was Walcot Reclamation, a salvage yard co-founded in the 70s by Thornton Kay. Motivated to grow the network and increase reuse, Thornton published ‘Salvo 1991’ a directory of dealers to make it easier to find places to buy architectural salvage.

He shortly left Walcot to set up Salvo with Hazel Matravers to promote reuse by promoting the UK’s reclamation network and ultimately reduce the amount of salvageable materials that ended in landfill. Salvo soon grew into a global movement when the directory went digital with the online marketplace launching soon after.

From its launch in 1991 Salvo has continuously tried to represent the interests of the reclamation trade and petitioned the government on the environmental benefits that the industry offers in reducing building waste. Every year Thornton would write to the current Prime Minister, asking the same question: Is reclaiming bricks for reuse a good idea? Without the data to answer the question, the UK government commissioned the Salvo BigREc Surveys of 1998 and 2007, supervised by the BRE (Building Research Establishment). The only complete survey of the reclamation sector ever undertaken, the results helped to establish reclamation as a priority sector in this latest policy drive to promote reuse.

Salvo continues to champion reuse as a priority, long appreciated for its connection with history, reuse of salvage is crucial for its contribution to reducing carbon emissions. The launch of futuREuse will accelerate our founding mission by sharing knowledge around reuse and integrating reclaimed materials in construction.

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Shop directly on Salvo or search listings for items for sale, which include things like architectural salvage, antiques and reclaimed building materials. We also offer a bespoke sourcing service. Whether you are a private buyer or a professional working across the built environment, you can make the most of free tools like Wanted adverts to source through Salvo’s network.


If renovating, avoid sending architectural features and materials to landfill by using Salvo to sell them. Listing pieces as soon as you can will maximise their chance of a second life. You can post free Demolition alerts to connect with potential buyers well in advance of planned dismantling and demolition.


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