futuREuse was born from the FCRBE Interreg NWE project, of which Salvo is the main UK partner. FCRBE, which stands for Facilitating the Circulation of Reclaimed Building Elements, does not exactly roll off the tongue, so we like to hum F-C-R-B-E in the tune of Aretha Franklin’s classic, 'Respect.’


Respect is particularly fitting given that only 1% of building materials are reused in northwest Europe, and we are all responsible to show a little more regard for the high environmental impact and net loss of economic value if we fail to reuse.


Reclaim, Reuse, Repeat since 1991

A gateway to the world of reclamation and reuse - SalvoWEB is the destination for reuse which provides tools such as Wanted alerts and Demolition alerts. Architectural elements, building materials and complete buildings can be circulated with a Salvo alert to connect with potential buyers well in advance of planned dismantling and demolition.


SalvoWEB.com is a global platform for anyone and everyone, from DIYers to designers, architects and builders, matching something reclaimed or recrafted with someone that wants to reuse it.

From its launch in 1991 Salvo has continuously petitioned the government on the environmental benefits that reclamation and reuse offers in reducing building waste. 

Salvo continues to champion reuse as a priority, long appreciated for its connection with history, reuse of salvage is crucial for its contribution to reducing carbon emissions. The launch of futuREuse will accelerate our founding mission by sharing knowledge about reuse and integrating reclaimed materials in construction.

Get to know SalvoWEB


Shop directly on Salvo or search listings for items for sale, which include things like architectural salvage, antiques and reclaimed building materials. We also offer a bespoke sourcing service- for example for larger quantities. Whether you are a private buyer or a professional working across the built environment, you can make the most of free tools like Wanted adverts to source through Salvo’s network.


If renovating, avoid sending architectural features and materials to landfill by using Salvo to sell them. Listing pieces as soon as you can will maximise their chance of a second life. You can post free Demolition alerts to connect with potential buyers well in advance of planned dismantling and demolition.


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