Truly Reclaimed

One of the major deliverables that Salvo is contributing to the futuREuse FCRBE project is a Truly Reclaimed label, which will inform customers of the provenance and positive carbon consequence of reusing the reclaimed product


The Truly Reclaimed scheme will allow consumers to cut through the industry smokescreen, and tell the difference between authentic reclaimed building materials and newly produced alternatives. The label will increase the visibility and representation of reclaimed products and promote ethical dimensions of the reclamation industry, whist exposing fraudulent behaviour.

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If you missed the launch of the Truly Reclaimed label at the FCRBE final event you can download the transcript and slides from the presentation below.

Yours Truly Reclaimed presentation slides (3 mb)
Yours Truly Reclaimed presentation transcript (55 kB)

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If you are a dealer, green designer, demolition contractor or reclamation-friendly builder and want to get involved or learn more about Truly Reclaimed please get in touch.