Salvo Code

The Salvo Code is a voluntary code for good practice in stock purchasing for dealers who buy and sell architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials. The Salvo Code aims to give clients greater confidence.

The Code flags to customers that a business has standards and gives them the choice of buying from relatively safe and responsible sources. Many dealers have already established a sensible buying procedure, but the Salvo Code makes this more formal and obvious to the public. It is particularly reassuring to know that items have not been stolen or removed from protected historic buildings, without permission.

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Crane logo

Look out for the Salvo Code crane logo, the mark of a Salvo Code member. The crane was chosen because it is an ancient Chinese and European symbol for vigilance. The legend says the crane sleeps with one eye open and holds a stone which, on falling asleep with both eyes closed, it drops and wakes up - possibly because it drops the stone onto its other foot!

Over the past twenty years the Salvo Code membership has grown and now includes members worldwide in France, Luxembourg, Italy and the US, plus further clauses have also been added in relation to fair trade and modern slavery. The enforcement of the Salvo Code is entirely voluntary by the signee and existing Code businesses are polled and consulted to maintain standards. With all new Salvo Code applications being reviewed by an advisory network of long-established Salvo Code dealers.

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