Reuse consultancy

Salvo is here to help you achieve your reuse ambitions and reduce the carbon footprint of your project. Whether you are looking to identify reusable material in existing buildings, circulate, source or specify reclaimed elements, together we champion a reuse economy for true circularity.

Embodied carbon assessments 

Measuring the carbon benefit is a neglected aspect of carbon reduction achieved through reclamation and reuse. Embodied carbon reports measuring impact can be applied at a project level, across a business or for local authorities and regulators operating regionally or nationally. 

Reclamation audits

A reclamation audit can vary from a light assessment of reusable elements to an in-depth analysis that maximises reuse pathways.  

Salvo conducted the first ‘reclamation audit’ in 1995 with an emphasis on the need to reclaim and reuse rather than see materials flowing down the waste hierarchy and value chain. Pre-demolition audits are now common, but they do not necessarily deliver on sustainability targets. 

BRE (Building Research Establishment) Building 16, Garston @ Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios. Reclamation audit undertaken by Salvo in 1995, the project went on to receive a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating, achieving the highest score recorded at the time

The reasons for carrying out a reclamation audit vary and include: 

  • Environmental - Better resource management through waste prevention strategy. For example, an audit may focus on identifying materials for reuse with the highest embodied carbon. 
  • Economic - There is potential to centre the audit on reusable materials with the highest value for onsite reuse or resale to circulate budget back into the project. 
  • Policy-led - The mission may be driven by sustainability goals and impacts sought by a practice, client or project. 
  • Social - The benefit to communities of the rescue and reuse of materials of historical or local significance. 


The Manchester Corn Exchange Reclamation

The reuse of 100 metres run of the toughened laminated glass and stainless steel balustrade saved the energy used by an average UK household in one year.

Reuse economy strategy

Through our network and digital tools, we can help you specify and circulate architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials. 


The Truly Reclaimed standard 

People’s purchasing habits and the places they choose to live, work and spend time in are increasingly driven by environmental concerns. Wellbeing is top of mind, not only for ourselves but for the planet. 

The Truly Reclaimed mark assures that a product or batch of material is genuinely antique or reclaimed and therefore offers a genuine reduction in carbon emissions.

Prove your sustainability commitment to clients, investors and people living, working and using your built spaces

Truly Reclaimed wood reused for the reception desk at a London restaurant saved carbon emissions equivalent to the making of 25,000 standard plastic carrier bags.

    Buying from a Truly Reclaimed certified supplier gives you access to Salvo’s expertise to honestly communicate your sustainability credentials with customers while engaging people in the story of your spaces with pieces that really are reclaimed and reused.

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